ABB Industrial Building

A leading international enterprise in the power and automation area, that provides services to the infrastructure and industrial enterprises. The construction of Jüri plant was started in 2005. The year later it fast increased and the production concentrated on the frequency converters. In 2007 some new products were launched and the plant grew. In the year of 2008 the production increase continued, the new stage of the plant extension began, the progress was also spotted in engineering and competence. The customer was ABB AS, a head contractor – Skanska EMV AS, general structural works – by Sanco Ehitus AS.


What we did

Technological excavation, built under the pit formwork method, had a leakage in the wall and flooring construction joint. Due to high ground water level and hydrostatic pressure we used a multi-stage injection method – first, sealed the joint against the hydrostatic pressure with polyurethane foam and finally sealed it with elastic polyurethane foam.

What we used

For the joint sealing we used Desoi plastic anchors and MC-Bauchemie injection raisins. For sealing against hydrostatic pressure we used loads of MC-Injekt 2033 foam, rapidly settling in contact with water. During the second stage we filled the joint with elastic and low viscosity polyurethane raisin MC-Inekt 2300 NV.