Bituthene 8000

Advanced, water, moisture and gas resistant self-adhesive membrane for sub-structures


  • water and moisture resistant – for levels 2, 3 and 4 according to  BS 8102:1990 (UK) .
  • gas resistant – protects against methane and radon gas
  • high quality – hydrostatic pressure resistance 70 m/w.c., with ultra low moisture transmission rate.
  • non-metallic membrane – chemicals resistant; unlike the aluminium based membranes, overlaps do not require extra bond.
  • wide application range reduces delays – application temperature  from -100 °C to +350 °C, damp substrate inclusive.
  • easier handling in warm weather – over 20% reduction in solar heat absorption
  • unique composite film membrane – engineered for strong, flexible and smooth finish.
  • ensures quality installation – printed overlap line leads to minimal overlap; slightly highlighted spots show damages, facilitating repairs.
  • compatibility – can be combined with Preprufe® pre-applied membrans, Bituthene® liquid membrane and Hydroduct® products for systematic solutions

Bituthene®8000 updates well-known Bituthene® bonding technology with the unique grey coloured carrier film, providing high quality result and simple installation. Membrane can be used for protection of horizontal or vertical foundations and other sub-structures against penetration of water, moisture and gas.

Bituthene® has been tested to withstand more than 70 m w.c. and exceeds more than 90 times BRE (UK) minimal requirement for methane resistance. The membrane is printed with Bituthene® logo for easier identification and overlap lines at either of the edges to ensure 50mm overlap. Bituthene® 8000 is very strong, still, accidental damages are made visible by the black compound showing through the grey film. Damages can be easily repaired with a piece of Bituthene® 8000.

In the drawing:

  1. Applied Bituthene® 8000 Primer B2
  2. Servistrip® AT 205
  3. E Installed in advance Preprufe® R membrane
  4. Bituthene® Liquid Membrane
  5. Servipak® or Hydroduct®