Slipstrip 2

Dense extruded polyethylene sheet for low load fixed end rotation joints


  • economical – easily installed on flat surfaces without affecting bearing height;
  • thin intersection – allows use in the restricted areas; does not reduce concrete protection cover;
  • low coefficient of friction – decreases friction forces and eliminates spalling at extreme edges;
  • deformable – accepts minor irregularities in concrete surface, prevents locking-up of bearing;
  • separating – creates sliding joint between different building materials;
  • UK WBS listed – sertified for use in contact with drinking water;
  • Slipstrip™ 2 is used in sliding joints with max load 0,7 N/mm², with coefficient of friction 0,15

Practical Application
Slipstrip™ is economical strip with low capacity and low friction, can be used in in-situ or pre-cast concrete slabs and beams, structural steelwork bearing plates and pipe supports to form a thin sliding joint. Product is extruded from specially formulated polyethylene, which is resistant to most  chemicals, solvents and weather conditions.

In the drawing

  1. Serviseal®
  2. Slipstrip™ 2
  3. Vertiseal® CE STD/DW

Slipstrip™ is therefore ideal as a bearing strip in all conditions of exposure subject to the loading conditions. The bearing strips are formed by layering two sheets together, smoth to smooth face. The tape helps prevent ingress of fines and concrete grout between sliding surfaces. The texted bottom layer is bond onto a smooth bearing substrate with Servicised® Pak Adhesive. Two layers of  Slipstrip™’ can be used for sliding walls joints, pre-stressed and post-tensioned circular concrete tanks or similar structures, provided the load bearing capacity is not exceeded.