Polymer admixture to improve bondability of cement mixtures and concrete and water density

Product description  febond

FEBOND SBR is a styrene-butadiene co-polymer-disperse system, developed for use in cement mixtures and in concrete in damp conditions.
Used as an admixture to improve water density, abrasion resistance and workability/elasticity.
FEBOND SBR, combined with cement, provides an effective water resistant and reliable bonding layer.

Fields of applications

  • Concrete repairs
  • Floor screeds and toppings
  • Exterior walls bonding and sole plate plastering
  • Waterproofing and tanking
  • Fixing stairs
  • Corrosion protection of steel
  • Silage pit lining and protection

Features and benefits
FEBOND SBR modified cement mixtures have the following advantages:

  • Increased flexural strength
  • Increased tensile strength
  • In proper ratio significantly reduces shrinkage
  • Prevents penetration of the second coat into rendering coat
  • Lower water – cement ratio
  • Increased durability and toughness, improved abrasion resistance. Good frost, abrasion resistance to waterborne salt penetration.
  • Resistant to many chemicals and mineral oils.
  • Excellent adhesion to steel and concrete. Sticks well to bricks, glass, asphalt, wood, polystyrene and most of the building materials
  • Better corrosion defence
  • Proved durability
  • Thermal expansion and modal features similar to concrete.
  • Approved for use in contact with drinking water (WRC certified – UK)

Find more about product on the Estonian data sheet  Febond_SBR.pdf and from our sales representatives.