Rannu Jõesuu Old Bridge

Constructed very well in the year 1958, the reinforced concrete monolith bridge located on the 36,2-37,9 km of the Tartu-Viljandi-Kilingi-Nõmme road. Since the old bridge was not up to the contemporary traffic standards it needed reconstruction. In 2009 the old Rannu-Jõesuu bridge was reconstructed.

Teede Tehnokeskus Ltd designed the project of a new 90 m long and 13,8 m wide steel arch bridge beside the old bridge, which was built 90 m downstream and the width of the carriageway is 10 m .The pedestrian traffic is planned over the renovated old bridge. 
The bridge was constructed by Merko Ehitus Ltd and Tallinna Teed Ltd and the steel constructions of the bridge were produced and installed by Viljandi Metallitööstus Ltd.

At the commission of the main contractor we carried out various renovation and hydro-insulation works of the reinforced concrete of the viaduct.


What we did

We carried out the concrete reconstruction and hydro-insulation of the old Rannu-Jõesuu bridge that stands beside the new freshly opened bridge.

What we used

To hydro-insulate the freshly laid bridge deck the liquid membrane GRACE Servidek together with the GRACE Servipak 6mm protection boards was used. In the deformation joints we installed the GRACE Serviseal Type B system. The joints between the asphalt cover and the edge beam were sealed with GRACE Servidek viscous liquid membrane.