Seli Mansion servant house

Seli mansion group’s one-storied servant house is located at the left wing of the 2-storied main house.

Classicist stone building was built in the 19th century and it was used as a laundry and brewery during mansion time. A little stream ran through the building and its water was used when washing laundry. Today this stream has dried out and there is Seli Health Care facility’s water treatment centre in the building.

The servant house was renovated in the summer of 2014. A new roof cover was installed and the building facade was plastered and painted.

Building plinth connected with the ground was waterproofed using EPASIT bdk/2k thick bitumen and NTERPLAST IsoDrain 8 Diagonal protection mats were installed to protect the waterproofing. Horizontal moisture barrier was injected to plinth walls against the capillary rise of soil water. A three-compound MC Injekt-GL93 injection gel was used for this purpose.

The client for this project was the Ministry of Defence and the main contractor was OMA Fassaad OÜ. The renovated building was designed by Architecture Bureau A&K OÜ.


What we did

According to the main constructor’s order we fulfilled plinth injection works. The waterproofing works were done by the main contractor.

What we used

EPASIT bdk/2k
INTERPLAST IsoDrain 8 Diagonal
MC Injekt-GL93