Paldiski Water Treatment Plant reservoir

A construction of water treatment plant, situated on the sea shore, was started in Paldiski in the year of 2010. Apart from the construction, the municipal water supply and sewage are going to be improved. The works had to be completed by the spring 2011. The water treatment plant is built next to the existing water reservoirs and a pump plant to separate iron and manganese.


What we did

In Paldiski it was necessary to seal single leakages in joints between the wall elements and the bottom slab of the reservoirs, installed on the sea shore.

What we used

To fulfill works we used Desoi pressure anchors and MC-Bauchemie two-component injection materials system. We sealed pressurized water leakages with polyurethane foam MC-Injekt 2033 and next they were filled with viscous elastic polyurethane foam MC-Injekt 2300.