Narva city water treatment plant, Mustjõe water intake

Since the equipment and structure that provide Narva city with drinking water were amortized, then a large-scale renewal took part in Narva water management system and thanks to it 43 km on water and 33 km of sewerage piping were reconstructed and adjusted to modern technical and technological demands.

Construction works were carried out according to AS Narva Vesi orders by Merko Ehitus Estonia in collaboration with a Danish company called Krüger A/S.

The walls and ceiling in Mustjõe water intake pumping station and cable basement walls and ceiling were mechanically cleaned and sandblasted. Exposed armature was covered with Densocrete 111 corrosion protection and Denso SPB 2 XP repair mixture and levelling plaster. After plastering, the walls in the pumping station were covered with breathing silicone paint Epasit SPF and cable basement walls with XYPEX Concentrate daub waterproofing. Cable basement floor was waterproofed using Cetco Voltex DS rollable membrane and the perimeter of the floor with Cetco Waterstop RX construction joint filler. Leaks from pipe penetrations and construction joints were injected using injection method with MC Injekt 2033 and MC Injekt 2300NV materials.


What we did

We carried out waterproofing works for Mustjõe water intake cable basement and pumping station walls.

What we used

BETOSAN Densocrete 111
Denso SPB 2 XP
XYPEX Concentrate
CETCO Waterstop RX
MC Injekt 2033
MC Injekt 2300 NV