Tartu University Sport Hall

Sport hall of Tartu University on Ujula street was built in the year of 1982 for 350th anniversary of its foundation. The sport hall load was steadily maximal for years as sport was done there from the early morning till late at night. As a result the sport hall was really deteriorated and required the serious investments. On Febraury 3, 2006 a meeting on the sport hall reconstruction took place, where it was decided that the reconstruction and extension of the located in Ujula street sport hall would be continued in cooperation with the Estonian government, Tartu city, Tartu University and other partners. The extension project was done by RTG Projektibüroo AS. The construction of the hall began in June 2006 and reconstruction and construction of extension finished in April 2007. Due to extension the sport hall on Ujula 4 got a new field-and-track hall with a 200-metre ring, where apart from field-and-track sports there is an opportunity to organize basketball competitions for 4000 spectators.

The contractor ordered different waterproofing works with our company.


What we did

We installed the waterproofing with protective heat insulation on the sport hall different flooring substrates.

What we used

For waterproofing of the sport hall flooring we used the laminated membrane GRACE Preprufe 300R. Preprufe membrane was joined with a wall of the old building part with a help of GRACE Bituthene tape and liquid membrane GRACE Bituthene LM. The long jump sand boxes were waterproofed with XYPEX system, it means we used XYPEX Concentrateas a first coating and XYPEX Modified as the second coating with XYPEX Gamma Cure for curing. On the concrete flooring substrate of the athletic field flooring carpet we installed waterproofing laminated membrane GRACE Bituthene 4000and for protection we installed 50 mm heat insulation plates.