Lukoil office building in Moscow

Baseplate (km -8,500) was waterproofed using GRACE Preprufe 300R rolled-on membrane, in addition we performed overturns in 2 meters. GRACE Preprufe 160R thinner rolled-on membrane was used on permanent plywood formwork to waterproof outer walls underground.

Before waterproofing membrane installation to parking lot ceiling and terraces, wall parapets and roof ceiling joining corners were filleted using GRACE Bituthene LM liquid membrane. The same material was used to seal upper edges of the rolled-on membrane. GRACE Bituthene 4000 rolled-on membrane was used as a moisture barrier which was covered with GRACE Bituthene 8000 on the second layer. Waterproofing system was covered with insulation boards. To protect the insulation and for drainage INTERPLAST Iso-Drain 8 GEO drainage mats with geotextile were installed.


What we did

We waterproofed Moscow Lukoil office building baseplate, underground outer walls, underground parking floor roof ceiling and terraces.

What we used

GRACE Preprufe 160R
GRACE Preprufe 300R
GRACE Preprufe Tape LT
GRACE Bituthene 4000
GRACE Bituthene 8000
GRACE Bituthene LM