Pärnu Centre

Pärnu Shopping Centre is situated in the heart of Pärnu town. The centre fourth storey houses clothes shops for women, men and children, beauty, health and design goods, bookshop and a cafe. Pärnu Centre is spacious, comfortable and private. The project was designed by OÜ Aida Partnerid, architects – Vilen Künnapu and Ain Padrik, a constructor Eston Ehitus, the interior architect – KVB Design from England.

We fulfilled different waterproofing works through the contractor’s request.


What we did

We installed waterproofing with the protective insulation on the bottom slabs and shafts.

What we used

The bottom slabs and shafts waterproofing was fulfilled with the laminated membrane GRACE Preprufe 300R, for the walls we used the laminated membrane GRACE Bituthene 4000, for protection – EPS 120 Routa insulation plates.