Residential and office building in Aida St. 5

Aida 5 is a modern building located in Pärnu city centre. 8-storied residential and office building is built using monolithic reinforced concrete and huge class surfaces are used in facade solution which creates spacious and well-lighted rooms. The building is divided into two zones: 1. – 3th floor are for offices and 4. – 8th floors are for apartments. Aida 5 is created by designers Andres Lember and Tarmo Maiste from MALE Arhitektid OÜ architecture bureau. The constructor was Ehitaja OÜ Leviehitus.

Building’s baseplate was waterproofed using GRACE Preprufe 300R rolled-on membrane. The corner between wall and raft foundation was filleted using GRACE Bituthene LM. The walls were waterproofed using GRACE Bituthene 8000 rolled-on membrane. Its edges were sealed using GRACE Bituthene Mastic bitumen mastics. KUNEX DA 32 PVC joint sealant was installed in deformation joints. Styrofoam Floormate 200 insulation and Plasto-Fol P8 drainage and protection mat was installed on basement walls to protect the waterproofing.


What we did

We installed waterproofing on building’s baseplate and basement walls.

What we used

GRACE Prerufe 300R
GRACE Bituthene 8000
GRACE Bituthene LM
GRACE Bituthene Mastic
INTERPLAST Iso-Drain 8 Diagonal (former Plasto-Fol P8)