Insulating floor underlay


Benefits foam-2en

INTERPLAST ISO-DRAIN 8 FOAM is a dimpled sheet underlay, which provides a reliable insulation under different floors. Its integrated foam plastic layer deafens footfall and improves thermal insulation. Dimple texturing creates full-surface air circulation and keeps rising moisture away from the floor finish.

The noise deafening benefit is a feature of particular interest:

  • integrated 3 mm foam layer made from high-resiliency polyethylene foam (foam density: approx. 33 kg/m²) has an outstanding footfall effect
  • the noise reduction is far higher than that achieved with conventional insulation materials: 26 (dB) measured as per DIN 52210 (a test protocol will be provided on the request)

Find more about product on the Estonian data sheet  ISO_DRAIN8_FOAM.pdf and from our sales representatives.