Toompea Castle

Toompea settlement, or Väike settlement on Toompea in Tallinn, is a complex of buildings situated on the glint island of Baltic glint. In the settlement resides the Estonian Parliament. The settlement complex consists from buildings of different appearance and purpose. Toompea Castle was built in the years of 1920–1922. The castle is distinguished by interweawing of different styles, e.g. Lutheran barocco and expressionism. The building of Parliament is the first public building in Tallinn in which electrical lighting was used. After the building of Parliament was completed, a traditional house for “pen pushers”, named after Eugen Habermann, was designed and built next to the adjacent northern wall. The main building boasts a spacious yard and magnificent cellars, situated below Toompea lime-stone glint boarder. The cellars are distinguished by especially thick walls and vaulted ceilings.

The contractor ordered waterproofing works with our company.


What we did

We fulfilled waterproofing with the protective heat insulation on the Toompea Castle basement walls.

What we used

We applied sealing plaster Epasit dp on the basement walls and added Plasto-Drain drainage and protection mat with the filter mesh/cloth.