Kallemäe School

It is where Kuressaare branch of Kallemäe School locates. In December 2006 in a building at Suur-Põllu 4 the EBC builders started demolishing, and in January 2007 the construction and renovation works began. Since September 1, 2007 the levelling classes of Kuressaare branch of Kallemäe School have been working in a school building at Suur- Põllu 4, which was rebuilt due to Kuressaare Town Council, an architect Katrin-Tomberg-Tohter’s, Riigi Kinnisvara AS and EBC Ehitus cooperation with the school.


What we did

During the construction of the school building, which was being erected in the limestone masonry, we installed the horizontal moisture-control against outer and inner wall capillary water, using the injection method.

What we used

To fulfill works we used MC-Bauchemie low viscosity acrylic gel MC-Injekt GL-93 and Desoi injection technology (2-component pump, injection steel nozzle).