Bearing structures on Luther square

Luther square is a living environment with strong singularity in an historical industrial architecture milieu where every apartment is different from traditional understandings starting from the height of the rooms, design and milieu value. There are 132 apartments with 1-4 rooms that have all different plan layouts and a wide parking house for 172 cars. The outward of every building is combined from plaster surfaces, large windows and native limestone. The interior decoration is strictly following a style from the beginning of last century. The key words are limestone, plywood, reinforced concrete with the traces of board formwork and red handmade bricks. There’s an inner yard in the center of the building complex and its landscape is from surfaces with different levels. Luther square’s development project author and owner is OÜ Grove Invest, construction by AS Nordecon Ehitus and architecture by Jaanus Saareper, Reio Raudsepp, Rasmus Tamme, Evelin Eelma, Eero Jürgenson, Andrei Pleskatshov, Liina Kink.


What we did

We carried out reinforced concrete constructions repair works in the building using torcete concrete.  The surfaces were cleaned mechanically and sandblasted, pressure washing was also conducted. Exposed armature was covered with MC Zentrifix KMH corrosion protection coating. Concrete coating was restored using torcrete method with Betosan Densocrete PPE TH concrete repair mixture with complex additive.

What we used

MC Zentrifix KMH
Betosan Densocrete PPE TH