Bituthene tapes

A range of self-adhesive waterproof bithumene tapes for fixing and insulation of the membranes at the open and closed surfaces


  • Open surfaces on roofs, gutters, etc.
  • Insulation around roof windows, chimneys, etc. and UV-protection of membranes on parapets

Flexible UV-resistant aluminium/bithumene tape Alu-Bitutape™ with special Bituthene® sticky compound for insulation of open surfaces. Available in “tile red” or “lead grey” for use with various roof finishers. Alu-Bitutape™ tapes, provided in a range of widths, can be simply adapted to working conditions without heating or any special tools. Alu-Bitutape™ perfectly bonds with the most often used building materials (brickwork, concrete, wood, metal).


  • waterproof insulation tape of general purpose.
  • sealing and fixing of Bituthene® membranes at angles, penetrations, etc. Non-exposed surfaces under roof coatings, around window frames, etc.

Std-Bitutape™ is cross laminated HDPE/bithumene tape for application in non-exposed surfaces. Flexible Std-Bitutape™ strips of different widths are easily cut and cold applied. Std-Bitutape™ excellently bonds with the most used building materials and every Bituthene® laminate membrane.


  • general purpose, double-sided insulation tape for non-exposed surfaces.
  • suits as an ancillary material with Bituthene®, Preprufe®, Procor™ and other membranes installation.

Bitustik™ is a flexible self-adhesive polyethylene/bithumene strip Bituthene® with sticky compound, with excellent bond to the most used building materials and can be used with all Grace Servicised® waterproof laminated membrane.