Sewage treatment plant in Rakvere

The surfaces were disinfected with pressure wash using a hypochlorite solution during preparation works. Also cracks and leaks sealing was carried out using Xypex Patch’n Plug quick hardening mixture and MC-Injekt 2033 and MC-Injekt 2300 NV polyurethane resins. After that the concrete surfaces were mechanically cleaned from defected concrete, sandblasted and pressure washed. Sediment sealing beams exposed armature was covered with MC Zentrifix KMH corrosion protection. To protect the sediment sealing beams exposed armature, BETOSAN Densocrete 111 corrosion protection was used. Concrete coating was restored on damaged surfaces using Sakr et SPB2 Denso concrete repair mixture. Sediment sealing walls and floors, sand catchers and reservoir were waterproofed using Xypex Concentrate, sediment sealing beams area was covered with Xypex Modified waterproofing.


What we did

We fulfilled sand catchers, sediment sealing and reservoir concrete repair and waterproofing works.

What we used

MC Zentrifix KMH
BETOSAN Densocrete 111
Sakret SPB 2 Denso