Topi Railway viaduct

A new mounting technology in Estonia and in entire Baltic road-construction history was used during the construction. 31 meters long and 325 tonnes weighty railway viaduct was shifted to place in 48 hours using slide beams and jacks. Previously all reinforced concrete elements (deck plate, supporting masonries, drive-on plates) were reinforced and concreted on the side of the railway. Also other viaduct surface works were carried out prior installation, like installing waterproofing, ballast splinters, railway sleepers and tracks.

Works were carried out by Nordecon AS according to The Road Administration orderings. Designer was Järelpinge Engineering Bureau OÜ.

The deck surface of the railway viaduct was waterproofed using two-compound cold-applied liquid rubber bituminous mixture GRACE Servidek, which created an elastic watertight membrane when hardening. GRACE Servipak 12 mm protection boards were installed to protect the material. Grace Bituthene 4000 rollable membrane was installed on the bottom of the viaduct. Side wings inner surfaces and bridge beam endings of the viaduct were covered with rubber bituminous mastics FEB Aquaseal Hyprufe


What we did

We fulfilled deck plate waterproofing works using GRACE Servidek&Servipak system. We also carried out drive-on plate and ending wall units waterproofing.

What we used

GRACE Servidek
GRACE Servipak 12 mm
GRACE Bituthene 4000
FEB Aquaseal Hyprufe