Water-swelling elastic one component waterstop with a putty-like consistency

ADEKA ULTRA SEAL P-201 is a water-swelling, non-spreadable paste, used for hydroinsulation of joints and penetrations.

Ready-to-use one component sealing putty. Applied to the surface with a standard foam gun. When hardening, P-201 becomes a rubber-like non-shrinkable material.

In contact with water P-201 doubles in volume, and pressure onto joint surfaces provides permanent sealing.

P-201 special feature is continuous swelling and very elastic deformation even in swelled state.

P-201 has excellent resistance to numerous chemicals and solvents.

P-201 provides excellent bond to concrete, metal and polyvinylchloride (PVC), the paste is also widely applicable on damp surfaces. No priming required.

P-201 is rapid and easy to apply.

In the drawing: Swelling joint seals combined with ADEKA ULTRA SEAL P-201 paste.


  • hydroinsulation of construction joints and piping penetrations
  • sealing of steel sheet piles, joint applications, etc.
  • sealing areas around steel pile shoes and pillars
  • sealing of pre-cast concrete elements
  • Continuing and fixing of joint strips
  • Sealing leaking deformation joints in combination with joint strip
  • in installation of light shafts for sealing construction welds, etc.

Find more about product on the Estonian data sheet Adeka_P201.pdf and from our sales representatives.