Preprufe/Bituthene waterproofing system

Pre-applied Preprufe and self-adhesive Bituthene 8000 membranes ensure continious and integral bond to poured concrete for all types of use below slabs

Product description

Preprufe® waterproofing membrane is pre-installed on the slab and walls poured concrete formwork. Solidification of cast concrete leads to even and complete adhesive bond between concrete and membrane.

Preprufe® comprises strong HDPE carrier film and pressure resistant adhesive compound, covered with a weather resistant coating. After membrane installation plastic film coating is removed.

In the drawing

  1. Bituthene® LM
  2. Servipak® protection board
  3. Bituthene® 8000
  4. Servistrip® AH205
  5. Preprufe® R
  6. Serviseal® AT 240
  7. Permanent formwork or adjoining structure


Bituthene® 8000

Waterproof membrane is laid after pouring walls. Bituthene bonds to Preprufe, forming with surface completely adhesive and continious hydro-insulation system for sub-structures. Bituthene® 8000 comprises withstanding light grey carrier film, self-adhesive rubber bitumene material and protective release paper, that should be peeled back immediately before installation.

Laying of foundation in trench – in basement walls, that are poured with a help of a double-side formwork, Preprufe and Bituthene 8000 combination is used, as shown in the drawning. In restricted conditions in basement walls, that are poured with a help of a one-side formwork (i.e., there is a structure on the other side, non-removable formwork, sheet piling, etc.), Preprufe is used within the whole wall, as shown in the drawning. NB! Some piled walls require levelling before installation of the membrane.

Advantages of the System

  • Ensures continious bond with concrete, that prevents water from ingress tracking between structure and membrane.
  • Valid relevant national BBA certificate.
  • Preprufe retains contact with structure when soils subsidise.
  • Ensures complete prevention against water, steam, methane and radon gases.
  • Joints completely adhesive.
  • The whole range of ancillary products is available, to ensure solidity of penetrations and membrane ends, besides, materials for external drainage building.
  • Suitable for round the year application. Preprufe may be installed in wet conditions, after exhaustion of open water.
  • An opportunity to quickly remove debris prior concrete pouring.
  • Bituthene 8000 can be applied to damp and “green” concrete, at temperature up to –10 ºC.
  • The system has been widely used on the majour constuction objects worldwide