Estonian Cell Water Treatment Plant

AS Estonian Cell is located in Kunda the aspen pulp mill, that started the production in April 2006.The investment into the new plant construction amounted to 2.4 bln Estonian kroons and thus it is the second biggest foreign investment into Estonian industry.

The contractor of AS Estonian Cell pump plant and the water treatment plant piles and anchorage works was AS YIT Ehitus. The works were fulfilled by the oldest in Estonia enterprise Mikrovai OÜ, manufacturing micro piles and ground anchorage by the method of drilling injection.


What we did

For the needs of Kunda pulp mill the modern water treatment plant was also built on the territory. The water treatment plant concrete tank leakages were repaired using the injection method.

What we used

To fulfill the works we used Desoi pressure anchors and MC-Bauchemie two-component injection materials system. Pressurized water leakages were sealed with polyurethane foam MC-Injekt 2033 and next they were filled with viscous elastic polyurethane foam MC-Injekt 2300 NV.