Viru Centre

Viru Centre is one of the majour shopping centres in Tallinn due to its central location. Architects Vilen Künnapu and Ain Padriku, who designed the centre, were sure that the old city of Tallinn for a long time was in need of a modern city heart. An extension to Viru Shopping Centre, started in 2002 and finished in 2005, became the city heart with its 70 000 square metres of floor area. According to a head contractor’s, AS Merko Ehitus, order in the years of 2002-2003 we completed waterproofing of a pedestrian tunnel walls, reference walls of the bus terminal drive-in, outer walls of Viru centre and Viru 6 structures. Also waterproofing of A. Adamson’s statue turned open roof.


What we did

We did installation of waterproofing systems with the protective insulation in the bus terminal drive-in, the pedestrian tunnel and numerous ground structures outer walls. In addition, we did waterproofing and heat insulation of A. Adamsoni statue basement turned open roof. Furthermore, we performed waterproofing works of all the centre’s elevator shafts and sealing of building joint between the new and the old Viru 4 buildings.

What we used

For waterproofing systems of the bus terminal drive-in, the pedestrian tunnel and other ground structures outer walls we used Grace heat insulation plates. Waterproofing of the statue basement turned open roof was done with Grace Bituthene 4000 self-adhesive laminated membrane, however, here we used EPS R 120 insulation plates. The elevator shafts were insulated by the sludge-based Xypex Concentrate concrete, received in the crystallization process. When sealing the new and old building joint, we redesigned joints with repairs mixture MC Nafufill KM 250and injected the polyurethane resin MC Injekt 2300.