Victory Monument

A Victory Monument to the War of Independence was opened on Vabaduse väljak (or Freedom square) in the first minutes of June 23, 2009. This monument is a tribute to all people who fought for freedom and independence of Estonia. The pillar is 23.5 meters high and consists of 143 glass panels. The project authors Rainer Sternfeld, Andri Laidre, Kadri Kiho and Anto Savi.

The monument was designed and built by the Check glass manufacturer Sans Souci. The Ministry of Defence also invited a tender “Building work for monument construction”, won by Celander Ehitus OÜ.


What we did

We fulfilled injection works and sealed micro cracking in the monument concrete bearing structure.

What we used

To seal micro cracking we used low viscosity epoxy raisin MC-DUR 1264 KF and „self-injecting“ Desoi injection device.