Sewerage pumping station in Pärnu, Mere avenue

The walls and separation ceiling in reservoir and pumping station rooms were cleaned using sandblasting method and pressure washing. Armature and metal details in both rooms were protected from corrosion with Densocrete 111. Both walls and separation ceiling were covered with levelling plaster and Denso SPB 2 XP repair mixture. The separation wall in reservoir was covered with galvanized net. The walls of the pumping station and the walls and floor of the reservoir were covered with XYPEX Concentrate daub waterproofing after levelling. XYPEX Modified was used on separation ceilings.


What we did

We carried out renovation and waterproofing works for pumping station concrete construction.

What we used

BETOSAN Densocrete 111
Denso SPB 2 XP
XYPEX Concentrate
XYPEX Modified