Apartment building in Tartu

The purpose for this project was to seal micro cracks in concrete slabs in a newly build apartment building. Adhesive packers and self-injective syringe system ensured the solution for this kind of situation. The adhesive packers will not break the additional thin concrete shell and injecting the material in long time intervals will ensure good crack filling in the effect of pressure and capillary absorption. We used Desoi adhesive packers and syringe system and a very low viscous epoxy resin MC-DUR 1264 KF. We also used MC-DUR Kleber PU 47 polyurethane adhesive for sealing cracks and installing packers.


What we did

We filled the cracks in reinforced concrete slabs.

What we used

MC-DUR 1264 KF
MC-DUR Kleber PU 47