Urva bridge

Urva bridge is located at Harju county Kose-Aruvalla section, on a secondary road to Tallinn-Tartu highway and it is crossing river Pirita. Single bridged bridge deck is designed from mountable reinforced concrete pre-tension beams and monolithic deck plate. Beams calculated span is 28,5 meters and the whole length of the bridge is 30,6 meters. Bridge project was created by Ramboll Estonia AS in collaboration with Nordecon Concrete OÜ, pre-tensioned beams product drawings by AS E- Betoonelement and works were performed by Nordecon Concrete OÜ. The main contractor on the object was Nordecon AS.


What we did

We fulfilled bridge deck waterproofing works with GRACE Servidek&Servipak system. In addition we carried out drive-in plate and ending wall units waterproofing.

What we used

The bridge deck was waterproofed with GRACE Servidek liquid membrane on which GRACE Servipak 6 mm protection boards were installed. Drive-on plate and ending wall units were waterproofed with GRACE Bituthene 4000 rollable membrane on which GRACE Servipak 3 mm protection boards were installed as an additional cover.