Rahumäe overpass in Tallinn

Damaged concrete surfaces and corrosion elements were cleaned mechanically and sandblasted. Exposed armature was covered using MC Zentrifix KMH corrosion protection coating. Concrete surface was restored using torcrete method and Betosan Densocrete PPE TH concrete repair mixture with complex additive. The entire surface of the overpass was levelled using MC Nafufill KM 103 fine-grained concrete repair mixture. The overpass was covered with elastic MC EmceColor-flex protective cover system. This cover on one hand gives the overpass a good-looking finishing and on the other protects the concrete from further corrosion.


What we did

We carried out renovation works for an old monolithic railway overpass.

What we used

MC Zentrifix KMH
MC Nafufill KM 103
MC EmceColor-flex