Saku Brewery

After losing bondage in the province of Estonia in 1816 the landlords started opening industrial facilities to their manor. The most important factories were distilleries and breweries. The birth year of Saku Brewery is considered to be 1820 when Saku mansion owner German count Karl Friedrich Rehbinder started a brewery in his mansion. It is documentary proven that the first brewer period took place in October in 1820 in Saku brewery. For additional and more specific information seek their web page.

We conducted the gaps filling works under the concrete floor in the brewer room.

According to the ground radar the floor plates received drilling holes, dowels and the gaps were filled with cement suspension using injection method.


What we did

We filled the gaps under a concrete floor in the brewery.

What we used

Desoi GmbH mixing and injection technology and pressure dowels.
Cement suspension CEM II/B-M (T-L) 42,5 R