Tehnika St. 117 apartment house

It’s a lovely 3-storied apartment building in a friendly living environmental in downtown were all daily needs are within reach. There are 13 apartments and 2 commercial rooms in the building. There’s a garden around the house, parking place in the courtyard and a playground for children. This apartment building was built in 2007. It was designed by architecture bureau T. Sooväli OÜ architects Tormi Sooväli and Margit Valma. The constructor was Eke Expo OÜ.

Grace Preprufe 160R rolled-on membrane was used to waterproof the floor. The corner between walls and arhit foundation were filleted using GRACE Bituthene LM liquid membrane. After that the walls were primed with Izolex Asfalbit primer and waterproofed using Izolex Styrbit 2000 bitumen mastics.


What we did

We fulfilled apartment building basement floor flooring and outer walls waterproofing works.

What we used

GRACE Preprufe 160 R
GRACE Bituthene LM
IZOLEX Asfalbit
IZOLEX Styrbit 2000