Elastic one component sealing putty, swellable in contact with water

General description 
KM-3030M is a chemically modified natural rubber product with an embedded wire mesh with stainless steel.

KM-3030M natural rubber product and hydrofilic agents are chemically connected in a patented process. In contact with water the product undergoes controlled expansion.

The expansion capability ensures a double-locking waterstop: KM-3030M stops water by compression from rubber’s natural resilience and by the moisture induced expansion.

When hydrated, KM-3030M will fill any void within the limit of its expansion capability (150% by volume). KM-3030M has excellent tensile and comrehensive strength and good restorabilty, provided with sulphur in process of vulcanisation.

KM-3030M is resistant against various chemicals. Seal can be used in absolutely different solutions (e.g., salts solutions, cement grout, etc.). KM-3030M is environmentally-friendly. Contains no poisonous agents or heavy metals.

In expansion joints (see Choosing the right expansion joint product). KM-3030M is an excellent waterstop for use in shear movement joints.

Find more about product on the Estonian data sheet Adeka_KM3030.pdf and from our sales representatives.