Enefit 280 in Auvere

Shale oil factory fuel receiving bunkers and feeding tunnels.

Since the construction was in max. 5 meters depth in soil water then Xypex Admix C1000-NF additive was used in concrete to make it watertight and the joints were isolated twice using Cetco Cetflex ACF125/AC125 metal joint sealant and Besaplast AA320 PVC tape. In some cases Cetco Waterstop RX-101 expansion joint sealant or Desoi injection hose was used instead of the metal sealant.


Cetco RSA formwork tension pipes, STB filling plugs and Xypex Patch & Plug watertight mixture were used to seal formwork tension holes. For watertight concrete repair Xypex Patch & Plug mixture or in some cases MC Zentrifix KMH + MC Nafufill KM250 concrete repair mixture were used.


What we did

Materials sales.
Client/executor: Maru Betoonitööd AS / Betoonimeister AS / Merko Ehitus AS

What we used

XYPEX Admix C-1000NF
CETCO Waterstop RX-101 DH joint sealant
CETCO Cetflex ACF 125 / AC 125
BESAPLAST AA320 joint sealant
DESOI injection hoses
XYPEX Patch and Plug
XYPEX Concentrate
CETCO RSA formwork tension pipes
CETCO STB formwork tension pipe filling plugs
MC Zentrifix KMH
MC Nafufill KM 250