Sealing dry mortar epasit dp

epasit dp is designed for waterproofing of structures and their parts against hydrostatic pressure and capillary water.epasit dp is applied as a part of the epasit sanation system 2000 to the soil exposed substrate at the max level of 30 cm higher than the soil level (area of sprayed water). epasit dp is suitable as the substrate for paving and ceramic tiles, shaping drainages, etc.

epasit dp is a mineral dry mortar, that matches DIN EN 998-1, it contains mineral bond compounds and filling materials. epasit dp has low content of chromite, thus meeting TGRS 613 / Giscode ZP 1.
epasit dp surbodinates to the in-business product line and the independent watchdog – building materials control and certification union (BÜV-ZERT) in Baden-Württemberg state.

Find more about product on the Estonian data sheet Epasit_dp.pdf and from our sales representatives.