High-sulphate resistant PCC fine mortar for surface potection in waste water treating plants


  • synthetically modified
  • resistant to extreme water attacks (tested according to DIN 4030)
  • good resistance against biogenous sulphuric acid corrosion
  • high durability
  • vapour permeability
  • water resistant
  • good adhesion to mineral substrate
  • can be applied both manually and mechanically
  • environmentally friendly
  • resistant to pressurised water

Areas of application

  • for surface protection of concrete, reinforced concrete and pre-stressed concrete in structural parts of waste water facilities with pH 14 – pH3.0
  • surface protection in landfill facilities
  • in sewers
  • in waste water gullies
  • rain spillway basins

Find more about product on the Estonian data sheet MC-RIM_F.pdf and from our sales representatives.