Heating insulation of sub-structures with  STYROFOAM blue insulation tiles

STYROFOAM blue insulation tile from extruded spongy polystyrene foam (XPS) is a special insulation material with high technical characteristics, developed by Dow Chemical Company in 1941. During the process of extrusion melted polystyrene is pressed out through the nozzle, and when cooled, slowly pressed to the necessary gauge.

Nonporous structure of the material comprises the closed cells. Due to the closed cells soaking of tiles is near to be excluded. It means that the material retains its heating insulation ability for a long time, even in the water environment.

Closed cells structure distinguishes itself by a variety of extraordinary properties:

  • especially low heat conductivity foam_2
  • good physical strength
  • no capillary suction capacity

In addition, it boasts a range of special properties:

  • high moisture resistance
  • resistant to freeze/thaw cycling
  • non-shrinkable, great vapor diffusion resistance

During installation it shows up that tiles are:

  • light-weight and easily handled,
  • easily cut with simple tools,
  • decay- and crumb formation resistant,
  • clean, odourless and nonirritant

The extraordinary properties allow to use STYROFOAM products in special type  waterproofing systems – for protection of structures against frost heaving in heating insulation of basements, sole plates, cellar flooring and turned roofs, as well as heating insulation of roads, streets, railways freeze protection, water and sewages.

STYROFOAM insulation provides numerous solutions both for designers, builders and owners of structures: high heating insulation characteristics remains during the whole structure’s life span. E.g., in basement walls and under slab foundations the low heat conductivity remains permanent, and even in frost heaving (when either of the sides contact with soil) only weakens a little.


Find more about product on the Estonian data sheet ET_STYROFOAM.pdf and from our sales representatives. Certificiate Styrofoam_CE.pdf.