Cemizol 2EN

High elastic mineral two component hydrostatic insulation


  • for waterproofing of terraces, balconies, steam baths and swimming-pools before tiling
  • elastic waterproofing membrane for basement walls and foundations, horisontal waterproofing,
  • continious waterproofing of caisson type
  • for protection from damaging sea-water salts
  • waterproofing of concrete roofing


  • extra high elastic membrane
  • resistant to continious water pressure
  • durable in weathering conditions
  • good abrasion resistance
  • good load strength
  • integral continious coating protects from building chemicals (sulphates, chlorides, acids), oils and contained in surface agressive compounds
  • can be easily applied to rough surfaces too
  • manufactured in three colours (grey, blue and brick-red)ludek2
  • forms smooth and elastic surface, suits for finishing
Technical data

Adhesive bond to concrete: ~ 1,3 MPa
Hydrostatic pressure resistance : 0,5 MPa
Max tensile strength: ~ 1,1 MPa
Coefficient of strain: > 100%
Weathering resistance: > 50 cold/warm cycling
Resistance to CO2 diffusion: sd CO2 > 100 m
Vapour permeability: sd H2O ~ 2 m
Find more about product on the Estonian data sheet Izolex_Cemizol_2EN.pdf and from our sales representatives.